Friday, December 10, 2010

v2, d226: Hijacked

I guess this blog has kind of been hijacked by news on Kim and the new baby, hasn't it?  You used to be able to come here and get any nature of goodies, from pointless anecdotes to hockey insight to fun features to rare profundities.  These days, there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot to talk about other than actual news.  So sorry if I'm less entertaining lately, but this is a dang handy way to keep family and friends up to date. 

Today was Kim's second full day at home, and she found it highly difficult to stay laying down (which is what you're supposed to do during Bed Rest) because she has this really bad cough that flares up almost any time she reclines.  This is bad because, as we all know, coughing fits tend to cause the stomach muscles to spazz, which is the one exact thing we are trying to prevent in order to keep from having more early contraction problems.  So, fail on that account, I guess.  The good news is, the new medication seems to be working well, and so far the coughing fits have not triggered more contraction fits.  She's pretty uncomfortable basically all the time, and she's coughing so much it's hard for her to fall asleep.  Neither of those things are good.  So we'll appreciate all prayers in the general direction of "Stop the coughing!" 

Also, I'm really tired.  But that seems like a petty complaint compared to what Kim's dealing with. 

All right.  Goodnight.  Two shows and a major grocery shopping trip tomorrow.  And maybe we'll watch the last half of Iron Man 2 and/or Scott Pilgrim.  (We started both movies today, but after enough violent coughs Kim wasn't able to stay "into" either one)