Monday, December 13, 2010

v2, d229: From the "go back to bed" files

Not a good morning.  The heat never kicked on last night, the hot water in the apartment wasn't working, and the home computer no longer turns on.  There's a little green light on the back that is blinking.  Dunno what that means.  Anybody?

I posted this on my Facebook a couple days back.  It's a project a visual artist came up with where he plans to create a design for each book of the Bible.  That last link shows most of them; this link takes you to the project's site.  Check it out.  Some of them are really pretty cool and creative.

Studies suggest more people will read your blog if the posts are short.  That's unfortunate, because I tend to use a lot of words, but hey, that's the market. I blame text messaging.