Sunday, December 19, 2010

v2, d234: Christmas Week

Greetings, all! Welcome to Christmas Week!

My sister just flew in from Chicago. (And boy, are her arms tired!) She said it didn't get above 30 while she was there. It's not going to get below 40 while she's here. Hello, Houston!

I can't guarantee regular blogging during Christmas week due to family. I know you'll all get on fine without me. But I sincerely hope each of you finds joy in each day as the Christmas season approaches its climax.

Christ came. Alleluia, He came. And nothing going on in my life right now can even slightly taint that glorious truth. Christ. Came. Glory to God!

I'll try to check in. Did you know my next post will be my 600th? Crazy. I probably won't get to write anything tomorrow because I'll be putting together Tuesday's Bible study. So if I don't see ya, have a Merry Monday of Christmas Week!