Friday, December 24, 2010

v2, d238: Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas.

Well, heck, technically today is Christmas, because I only blog late at night. And if we were Jewish traditionalists, it would have started being Christmas at about six this past evening.

Though if we were Jewish traditionalists, I suppose we wouldn't have cared.

All the presents arrived on time this year. The family made it in safely, though inclement weather is going to postpone my sister's departure by about a day. (Sorry Brad) This means we'll get a full day of family Christmas tomorrow, which is good. We did the ole' "open one present on Christmas Eve" thing tonight, and Kim opened the waffle iron Robbie has been telling her about since Thanksgiving so we could have waffles tomorrow for a meal at some point.

Oh hey, side note. Don't go to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. It was a necessary outing and not a haphazard dash resulting from slacking or poor planning, but still. Try to avoid at all costs.

I hope everybody is enjoying their time with whoever-they're-with at wherever-they-are!