Wednesday, December 8, 2010

v2, d224: Feels Good To Be Home

Kim is home.  Which is wonderful.  We're both really excited about it, but also uber-nervous.  We're both afraid that something could go wrong and she'll have to go back at just about any moment.  This makes relaxation a little difficult, but hey, we're both doing the best we can. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Please keep 'em coming.  Also, pray that Kim doesn't go insane living on the couch for (hopefully) two to three months.  I know I have trouble sitting still for two hours at a time.  I can't fathom two months.  But man, she is a trooper.  A trooper with a brand new prescription medicine, so pray that she responds well to that.  Also, that I'm able to get home often enough to give her whatever she needs so she doesn't have to do much.  Also also, that we're able to keep hot meals on the table, especially on nights when I'm not here to microwave the Stouffer's ;-) 

Really, though, for tonight, just offer up a nice big prayer of thanksgiving on our behalf.  Because for right now, we are just very, very thankful.