Sunday, December 5, 2010

v2, d222: Hospital Haiku

And now, for a bit of a change in pace:

The parking garage
Elevator makes you feel
As though you are doomed.

It's a long walk from
The parking garage to the
New entrance, homeboy.

Christmas trees are up.
Everywhere, candy canes.
No Menorahs, though.

Hand sanitizers
Ev'rywhere. Like Pokemon:
Gotta squirt 'em all!

No water fountains
In the halls.  It's because you
Might get sick, homeboy.

Dry erase board says
The nurse on duty's name. Not
Last name, only first.

Big white plastic cup.
Huge bendy straw.  It makes the
Water taste funny.

Is this the TV
Button?  Click.  Click.  Whoops.  It was
The "Call Nurse" button.

White bag for linens.
Red bag for all hazardous
Materials.  True.

Hospital food is
Actually not that bad.
Mmm, big cheeseburger.

Waiting room has got
Free coffee for ev'ryone!
Waiting room of love...

You get a sticker
When you visit L&D.
Not at APU.